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Similarities and differences of Grabo tool

Table of Contents

We are going to introduce the Similarities and differences of Grabo tool: Nemo Grabo and Grabo Pro-lifter 20.



Slightly different figure and shape

Same holding power, Maximum 170Kg.

Same battery size, completely compatible. 90 minutes runtime.

Same foam seal

Now each of them has the same size battery. They both have 90 minutes runtime if you leave it on continuously.

The same attachment points. Other companies can make add-ons and attachment to



I would like to show you 2 different Grabos that are popular on the market. This classic Grabo suction tool is called Nemo Grabo that came out of the market in 2018. Nemo Grabo is the current version called classic electric battery powered portable vacuum suction cup lifter.


The upgraded Grabo tool in 2021 is called Grabo Pro-lifter 20. It is designed to carry or move tough, dry or wet, smooth or porous surface materials likes glass, tiles, landscaping paver, stone, granite, marble, wood panel, drywall and metal sheet .


  1. First of all, the classic Nemo Grabo has a bigger and wider handle. This designed is preferred by people who have big hands and palms. The Grabo Pro lifter has upgraded more ergonomic handle. Many people prefer because it is just easier to grip.
  2. The 2nd difference is that you are going to see a digital display screen on Grabo Pro suction tool. When you turn it on, it lights up with zero. This tells you how much hold you have and it is 2 different scales or measurements. In this case, i have it set to pounds. So when i turn it on, it tells me how many pounds of hold i have it. It this case, it is 375 pounds.
  3. Grabo Pro is made with automatic on-off switch. Now when it reaches its maximum capacity, it shuts itself off while the classic Nemo Grabo does not have such function. It is made with mechanical gauge. It just keeps running and running. So the benefit of Grabo Pro is that it will shut itself off when it reaches maximum vacuum. And it will turn itself back on if it starts to lose that vacuum. When you lift a material that is more porous like wood where you can pull a small vacuum through that, it will turn itself back on to keep the hold.

When you are using the classic Nemo Grabo, you probably just need to leave it on all the time effectively. This gives you a much longer battery life when you are using it consistently through the whole day.

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