"Shinex GEM-F" Straight and Beveled Edge Polishing on all Stone

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Connection: Hook & Loop

Type: Straight

Size: 5″, 6″

Speed: 8-16IPM

Grit: #50, #100, #200, #500, #1000, 2000,#3000

Usage(dry or wet): Wet

Shinex GEM-F polishing system is designed and used on automatic edge polishing machine consisting of grit #50, #100, #200, #500, #1000, 2000,#3000
It is a Velcro backed version of the popular Shinex GEM, which has the user-friendly Snail Lock Adapter. Although both series polishing wheel allow for quick changes, the Shine GEM-F does not need spanners to change diamond polishing wheels.
Shinex GEM-F polishing system edge polishing pad is available in 5” and 6” diameter to fit the most popular edge polishing machines.

In addition, the Shinex GEM-F polishing system comes with a newly developed final polishing buff wheel called “ShineDF” that creates the highest, monument-quality, polish on the most difficult stones including Absolute Black granite.

“ShineDF” is available with the Snail Lock adapter system for use with the both connection system types.

The Shinex GEM-F polishing system is designed to polish straight and beveled edges of Granite, Engineered Stone/Quartz Surfaces, Marble, Limestone, Concrete, Crystallized Glass and Porcelain slabs, thus simplifying your choice when selecting a polishing system.

The Shinex GEM-F polishing system is performing well on Cosentino® Dekton® for all Dekton® collections throughout global markets.

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