RZ1150-RT-2 Ride-on floor grinding machine

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Item No.: RZ1150-RT-2
  • Voltage: 220-240V; 380-440V;
  • Working Width: 1150mm
  • Power: 12KW
  • Disc Diameter: 200mm * 9
  • Disc Speed: 300 – 1600rpm
  • Weight: 550kg

The RZ1150-RT-2 Ride On Floor Grinding Machine can be operated by ride-on to reduce labor cost and increase efficiency.

According to your needs, the grinder can be set at a fixed speed to grind and polish the concrete.

Connect our  Industrial Vacuum cleaner with the grinder. While attached, the vacuum and grinder can be operated by one worker, which reduces labor costs and saves time
Other features:

  • Working width 1150  mm with 9 large size 200  mm tools.
  • Speed of tools ranging from 300 to 1300 rpm. • Automatic adjustment of the working pressure.
  • Strong gear box with thermo-hardened steel gears for a longer life.
  • Adjustable inclination of the Planetary to allow a bigger frontal cutting.
  • No noise during the work.
  • Auto levelling Planetary System.

Additional features:

  • To prevent working emergencies the machine is engineered to be driven manually using the included handle and unlocking traction wheels.

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