Ride on Concrete Floor Grinder RZ1500-P15 (three phase)

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Item No.: RZ1500-P15
Equipped with an 15HP, 460 volt ride-on Floor Grinder system
Ride on floor grinding machine
  • Voltage: 380-440V
  • Working Width: 1350mm
  • Power: 7.5KW * 2
  • Disc Diameter: 390mm * 6
  • Disc Speed: 300 – 1600rpm
  • Weight: 2000kg

The RAIZI RZ1500-P15 concrete floor grinder is equipped with an 8HP, 460 volt ride-on Floor Grinder system that can work in both large or small areas.

The ergonomic industry design and the simple control panel make this ride on floor grinding machine easy to operate. This floor grinder is electric powered, but it also has a battery-powered option for easy transport solutions.

The RAIZI RZ1500-P15 rotates 180-degrees, and the modified grinding head consists of two 650 HDX heads, the grinding width is 1.5m and the motors are 1kw each.

This floor grinding system also comes with an on-board Mist Cooling System and two integrated suction devices that offer a cleaner, safer, and more environment friendly working site.

The floor grinding machine is extremely effective, grinds and polishes a large area flat in a short time, which means huge time-savings for the operators and the conctractor.

The AIZI RZ1500-P15 concrete floor grinder is compact and easy to operate.

The floor grinder is incredibly maneuverable for small areas. This concrete floor grinding machine creates incredible shine finish on the concrete floor.

RAIZI also offers Trapezoid two button segment Lavina Quick Change Grinding Plate

Model RZ1500-G015 Electric Motor Drive Motor Power 2.2KW
Voltage 380-440V Lift Motor Power 3KW
Current 20A Battery voltage/Rated Capacity 24/400V/AH
Motor 11KW×2 Battery Weight 330KG
Inverter 22KW Battery Size 812mm*322mm*490mm
Frequency 50/60HZ Vacuum Cleaner Model CH-1000
Disc Speed 300-1600rpm Voltage 220V/60Hzsingle phase×2
Grinding Width 1500mm Power 3600W/4.8HP×2
Disc Diameter 390mm×6 Max.Vacuum 3000mmAq×2
Running speed 2-6km/h Max.Airflow 10m3/min×2
Machine Width 1500mm Weight 63kg×2
Machine Length 2100mm Dimension 780*500*1550mm(L×W×H)
Weight Curb weight 2000KG Hose 50Φ/75Φ×2
Nose weight 550KG Motor Type Dry/Wet
Body weight 1450KG Noise 75db×2
Storage Battery 220V Voltage,12 hours after fully charged

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