Raizi single handed Carry Clamp

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Sold in Pair
Grip range Max: 25mm
Lifting Caacity per set: 440 lbs
Package Dimension:30*15*15cm
Net Weight:3.8Kg

Raizi single hand Carry Clamp allow you to safely lift and carry panels with a comfortable posture.

When high quality is a must, these single handed carrying clamps may be used for lifting and carrying stone slabs or sheets of glass. These have fully vulcanized rubber pads which provide added grip and prevent damage to your materials. By eliminating the use of a forklift truck, the carrying clamps help you to work more efficiently on smaller jobs. These may be used alone or in conjuction with other pairs to move small or large pieces with ease. This is for 2 of these clamps – that means a clamp for each of the two people moving a slab!


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