Raizi 5 inch Aluminum Thread Snail Lock Back-Up Pad

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  • Snail Lock With Aluminum Thread
  • Designed for in-line machines or hand held polishers or grinders
  • Break away design prevent damage to spindles
  • Available in 4″ 100mm size

5 inch 125mm

Raizi Aluminum thread snail lock back-up pad sare the best snail lock back up pads on the market. It is designed primarily to withstand the pressure of automated C Frame and other automated stone polishing machines, these are made with many premium features.
  • Aluminum Threads.
  • Rubber insert around the Brass thread to reduce vibrations, and to break away in case the machine jams.This saves serious repairs to the machines.
  • When used by hand on grinders and polishers, they just might last forever! 

5 inch 125mm

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