Grabo H V2 Power Suction Tool Grabo Electric Vacuum Suction Cup Lifter

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GRABO® H V2 is a portable electric vacuum lifting device suitable for lifting, handling and placing tiles, paving Items such as road stone, drywall,
glass, wood, flooring and furniture. GRABO H V2 has a built-in pressure sensor. It’s featured with an automatic on/off function and design to lift
material with dry, rough and slightly porous surface

Model Number NGHV2-1B
Operating voltage 7.4V
Rated power 10 W
Net weight (without battery) 0.85kg (1.9lb)
Working temperature 0°C~60°C (32°F ~140°F)
Dimensions 279x163x120 (mm) 10.98×6.42×4.72(in)
Rated flow 7 L/min
Maximum vacuum -0.8 Bar (-80 kPa)
Special function Automatic start and stop function
Machine life more than 100,000 times/800 hours
Maximum Lifting Capacity 150 kg (330 lbs)


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