Raizi Grabo Electric Vacuum Suction Cup Lifter for Wood, Dry-Wall, Granite,Marble,Metal Sheet, Glass (Patterned or Smooth), Tiles. Glass Lifter

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Nemo GRABO classic version kit includes

2 batteries, fabric bag, extra seal, charger, packed in a color box.

“NEMO GRABO” kit includes:

A Classic GRABO tool (2021 version), a mechanical pressure gauge with protective rubber cover, a multi socket charger, an extra seal (2 in total), an extra battery (2 in total), an English manual and a tough canvas carry bag.

Product is packed in a full color box (English version).

Raizi Grabo Classic Electric Vacuum Suction Cup Lifter for Wood, Dry-Wall, Granite, Marble,Metal Sheet, Glass (Patterned or Smooth), Tiles. Glass Lifter 375lbs 170Kg max This is the Grabo Electric Vacuum Suction Cup Lifter and this is exactly what you need for material handling with slabs of stone. Traditional suction cups are only capable of creating a good seal with flat, clean and airtight surfaces such as glass. However, Grabo’s unique seal allows the tool to adhere to rough, etched surfaces. The maximum surface roughness which Grabo can attach to depends on the exact “Profile roughness parameters” (The geometry of peaks and valleys in the material), and is generally limited to an amplitude of about 2.5mm (0.1 inch). This capability allows Grabo to create a seal with the majority of patterned tiles, pavers and construction materials.


Battery 14.8VDC 2600mAh Li-ion
Rated Power 16W
Charger Input Voltage 100-240VAC 50/60Hz
Battery Charging Time ~2hrs
Non-Stop Running Time (Full Charge) 1.5hrs
Running Cycles (On Full Charge) 900 ON-OFF cycles of 10 seconds
Stand-by Mode (Charge Hold) 30 days
Pump Service Life 100000+ ON-OFF cycles / 800+ hrs continuous
Rated Air Flow 0.7cfm (20 L/min)
Maximum Vacuum Rate 11.6Psi (0.8 Bar, 80 kPa)
Maximum Lifting Capacity 375Lbs (170 kg)
L x W x H 12.1 x 7.37 x 4.91” (297 x 181 x 121 mm)
Net Weight (With Battery) 3.3Lbs (1.6 kg)
Working Temperature 32°F~140°F ( 0°~60 °C )
Applicable Surface Type Peak/valley heights less than 0.1” (3mm), arc less than 5°

Lifting Capacity:

Perpendicular Hold  Parallel Hold 
Glass 375Lbs ( 170 kg ) 265Lbs ( 120 kg )
Ceramic Tiles 375Lbs ( 170 kg ) 265Lbs ( 120 kg )
Metal 242Lbs ( 110 kg ) 242Lbs ( 110 kg )
Plastic 220Lbs ( 100 kg ) 220Lbs ( 100 kg )
Wood 220Lbs ( 100 kg ) 143Lbs ( 65 kg )
Rough Slate 176Lbs ( 80 kg ) 176Lbs ( 80 kg )
Rough Concrete 176Lbs ( 80 kg ) 176Lbs ( 80 kg )
Dry Wall 165Lbs ( 75 kg ) 143Lbs ( 65 kg )
  • Package Included:
  • 1*electric vacuum suction cup
  • 2*battery packs (1 attached to the vacuum suction cup)
  • 1*Battery charger
  • 2*Replacement rubber foam seal
  • A carrying bag and double layer carton box
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