Phoenix™ Turbo Cutting Diamond Blade For Granite

Item No.: Turbo-xiaoBlade
· Dry or wet use
  • Outer Diameter: 4.5", 5", 6", 7"
  • Thread/Bore: 7/8"/22.2mm
  • Usage(Dry/Wet): Dry or wet
  • Application: Granite, Engineered stone
  • Description

    Phoenix Turbo cutting diamond blades for granite have proven itself as an excellent blade for stone professionals in America, European and Australian market.

    Useing for cutting many kinds granite stone, such as Crystallized stone, Quartz stone.

    • Precise and fast cutting with minimal chipping.
    • Smooth cutting on all kinds of granite and quartz.
    • Consistent performance until the end of the diamond.
    Item No. Diameter Thread
    120001 4.5”/115mm 7/8”-20mm-5/8” 4hole
    120002 5”/125mm 7/8”-20mm-5/8” 4hole
    120003 6”/150mm 7/8”-20mm-5/8” 4hole
    120004 7”/180mm 7/8”-   -5/8”

    It is used with air wet cutter or stone wet cutter.