Raizi 2 Quarter Round PCD With Sacrificial Diamond Segment

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The 2 quarter round PCD is an excellent choice when removing medium/heavy coatings. These PCD’s are directional specific and come in clockwise and counterclockwise orientation.

If you run a rotary machine with counter rotating heads, be sure to get 1/2 clockwise and 1/2 countwe clockwise PCDs when you order.

The weight of the machine is partially supported by the large surface area of the diamond segment limits the PCD’s penetration into the concrete. The diamond segment lightly dresses and helps remove the severe marks left by the PCD grinding teeth. This configuration will yield a higher total square foot life span while providing an aggressive rate of coating and concrete removal. Use these PCD scraper to remove heavy coatings, overcoats, glues, mastics, thin set and paint.

PCD (polycrastalline diamond) is the result of sophisticated high-pressure, high temperature technology in which carefully synthetis diamond partiles are sintered together in a cobalt matrix. PCD product usually consists of two layers. The PCD layer (usually black) is diamond particles which have been sintered together into a coherent structure using chemo-mechanical binder and high-pressure, high-temperature condotions similar to these used in single crystal diamond synthesis. The polycrystallne diamond layer is intergrally bonded by an addvanced process to a super tough tungsten carbide substrate which provides strength and permits welding or brazing with other metals. The random orientation of the diamond particles produces a high uniform hardness four times stronger than carbide with remarkable wear resistance.

RAIZI also offers RZ550-T7 Triple Head Planetary Floor Grinder.

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