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The Raizi Tool Company was established in 2006 by Kevin Zhao in Shandong, China. Our primary focus has been on providing high-quality stone fabrication tools for granite fabricators since our inception.

In particular, we introduced the Blue Raizi brand air wet polishers to customers in stone granite fabrication In 2009, we introduced the Blue Raizi brand air wet polishers to the stone granite fabrication market, offering high cost performance relative to our competition. Customer feedback and requests have led to gradual improvements in our products, resulting in their popularity in both the USA and Europe.

In 2011, our Raizi Phoenix™ 3 Step Diamond Polishing Pads of exceptional quality were released to rival Korean standards, with great customer satisfaction. Chinese tools consistently meet and surpass customer expectations, despite some individuals may perceive them as inferior. We approach our studies and research with dedication, and have full confidence in the quality of our tools. Our Raizi Phoenix™ Dry Polishing Pads are also widely utilized by stone fabricators and polished concrete contractors.

Since 2014, we have expanded our product offerings to include diamond tools for polished concrete floors. Our revolutionary range of Raizi Phoenix™ metal bond concrete grinding diamond tools, Raizi SharpCut™ ceramic diamond polishing pads, Raizi Phoenix™ concrete polishing pads, and Igloss™ diamond floor burnishing pads have quickly gained recognition as industry-leading solutions in the field of polished concrete flooring.

We are expanding our business categories to include diamond tools and handling tools for tile installation, diamond tools for floor restoration and maintenance, diamond saw blades for granite, diamond cup wheels, installation tools, material handling devices, and more.

Our goal remains the same as the time the company was founded. To achieve this goal, our company has been dedicated to bringing high-quality and cutting-edge tools with affordable prices to people, making work easier, faster, and more environmentally friendly.

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