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How To Use granite air polisher

Properly handling and following safety guidelines are super important when using a granite air polisher. Here’s a basic guide on how to use one: notice:Ensure you have the necessary personal protective equipment (PPE) like goggles, ear protection, and a dust mask before starting.ANF Cut Resistant Gloves | Raizi Tool-Good Tools,

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Raizi Grabo attachment

Raizi has been authorized to sell Grabo products for more than 3 years and recently renewed the authorization. We have had a great cooperative relationship with the brand and hope to continue this strong cooperation and friendship indefinitely. Professionals in the stone fabrication sector are likely familiar with Grabo, a brand known

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Transport and storage tool 

As we all know, stone transport and storage are crucial steps in the process of stone fabrication. After purchasing stone materials, they need to be stored safely before being used for fabrication. Today, I will introduce some tools and systems for transporting and storing large-format stone slabs. This kind of

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Raizi Dust Collection Systems

No matter in factories or at home, dust emission is always a great headache in stone fabrication works, messing up the working environment as well as posing threat to our respiratory health. To solve this problem, dust collectors step onto the stage. A wide variety of dust collecting equipment has

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How to make a perfect hole on your countertop

A stone fabrication process includes several basic procedures such as cutting, grinding and polishing, through which a countertop with a satisfying gloss can be produced. And the whole thing is just the same when it comes to making holes, with the only difference lies in the tools involved. Drilling, the

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What you need to know about Raizi profile router bit

In the household stone fabrication process, originality and creativeness always matter, and it is common to add delicate details to your stones to keep them from being plain and nondescript. Aside from choosing materials with distinct colors or patterns firsthand, changing the design of stone edges is a good way

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