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Know More About Core Drill Bits Through One Article

Core drill bits are a kind of special tool to make holes on your countertop. They are not as varied in category and usage as diamond cutting discs, but also deserve your attention to choose the most suitable one. Raizi Tool has all its core drill bits made with high-quality

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Know More About Diamond Cutting Blades With One Essay

Cutting and grinding, the two most aggressive procedures in your fabrication process, have a large room for labor, time and money conservation by employing high-quality products. Raize diamond saw blades are designed in and produced with premium raw materials and high-end technologies, equipped with longer life and more consistent performance

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6 Tips for Choosing Diamond Polishing Pads

Hi, fabricators! Have you ever been confused about selecting polishing pads, not knowing how to pick the most suitable one and always ending up laying your fingers on the most expensive one? Have you ever felt being tricked when the system costing you an arm and a leg can not

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Raizi tool: An Exhilarating Corporate Awayday

On May 20, 2022, all the members of Raizi Tool Co., LTD took an awayday for team building activities at Lanhai Yiyuan Ecological Garden. From cooking and eating outside to freely picking fruits and vegetables in the greenhouse, everybody’s spirit was boosted largely by these kinds of activities. Since a

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Similarities and differences of Grabo tool

We are going to introduce the Similarities and differences of Grabo tool: Nemo Grabo and Grabo Pro-lifter 20.   Similarities: Slightly different figure and shape Same holding power, Maximum 170Kg. Same battery size, completely compatible. 90 minutes runtime. Same foam seal Now each of them has the same size battery.

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granite countertop edge grinding

Polished Granite Solutions: Ceramica 3 Part System Part 1: Ceramica X vitrified diamond grinding discs- made from ceramic and diamond powder. They are long lasting and very aggressive and used for light shaping, smoothing, and starting the polishing process. Grit Number: #60-#150-#300 Part 2: Ceramica Pro™ diamond polishing pads –

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