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Transport and storage tool 

As we all know, during the process of stone fabrication, there is one important step before everything: stone transport and storage. After purchasing certain kinds of stone materials, you need to place them somewhere you do the fabrication work to be dealt with, or where they can be kept safe

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Raizi Grabo accessories

Raizi’s journey to 2022 marmo mac stone show in Verona, Italy has come to an end last month. It was a great success for us, with all the samples we brought there being sold out and our brand name propagated to the wider world. We mainly focused on promoting among

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Raizi Dust Collection Systems

No matter in factories or at home, dust emission is always a great headache in stone fabrication works, messing up the working environment as well as posing threat to our respiratory health. To solve this problem, dust collectors step onto the stage. A wide variety of dust collecting equipment has

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How to make a perfect hole on your countertop

A stone fabrication process includes several basic procedures such as cutting, grinding and polishing, through which a countertop with a satisfying gloss can be produced. And the whole thing is just the same when it comes to making holes, with the only difference lies in the tools involved. Drilling, the

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What you need to know about Raizi profile router bit

In the household stone fabrication process, originality and creativeness always matter, and it is common to add delicate details to your stones to keep them from being plain and nondescript. Aside from choosing materials with distinct colors or patterns firsthand, changing the design of stone edges is a good way

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