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W type segment silent core granite cutting disc
  • W type segment silent core granite cutting disc
  • W type segment silent core granite cutting disc

W type segment silent core granite cutting disc

Item No.: W-SBlade
Designed with a silent sandwich core for jobs where noise level is a concern.
Silent Core saw blades are specially designed with "W" segments to help dissipate heat for thermal stabilization allowing the blade to run cool during wet use.
Product parameters
Outer Diameter: 14"/D350、16"/D400、18"/D500
Thread/Bore: 50/60mm
Number of Segment: D350x24S,D400x28S,D500x36S
Segment Height: 13mm(D350), 15mm(D400), 20mm(D500)
Usage(Dry/Wet): Wet
Application: Granite, engineered stone

 W shaped segment Granite silent core Bridge Saw Blades

W shape segment bridge saw blade is the most advanced bridge saw blade to-date. This new innovative design applies the most advanced patterned technology to offer highly increased cutting speeds and provide incredible longevity.
Achieving maximum performance while maintaining low noise level with minimum chipping. The improved diamond pattern within each segment is revolutionary, advancing the trade and technology of the entire stone fabricating industry.

Fabricator's Tip: 
If you are having difficulty with your cutting process, make sure you have the correct size blade to match the RPM of your saw. Here is the formula to calculate using the s.f.p.m. (surface feet per minute): S.F.P.M.= 3.1416 (Pi) x RPM x Blade Diameter

Surface Feet Per Minute:

S.F.P.M. is 4,500 to 6,500

Engineered Stone
S.F.P.M is 4,500 to 6,500

S.F.P.M is 6,000 to 8,500

S.F.P.M. is 7,500 to 10,000

We have many types diamond saw blade, such as Granite saw blade, Marble saw blade, Tile saw blade , Bridge saw blade and so on. 

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