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Self-leveling floor Polishing Testing on Site

We tested our concrete tools for Self-leveling floor on two different site recently.
Self-leveling floor is more and more popular. It is very easy to level the base floor if the condition of base floor is bad. It can be used for industrial plants, workshops, warehouses, commercial stores, exhibition halls, gymnasiums, hospitals, a variety of open space, office, etc., also used for home, villas, warm small space, can be used as facing surface layer can also be used as wear Grassroots.

We tested our concrete tools include: Metal Bond Segment Grinding Plates, Super True Ceramic Diamond Dry Polishing Pads, Hybrid Ceramic Diamond Dry Polishing Pads(new products), 3 inch “High Gloss” Resin Diamond Dry Polishing Pads, 4 inch 5mm thickness Flexible Resin Diamond Dry Polishing Pads, 4 inch 5mm thickness Flexible Hybrid Diamond Dry Polishing Pads, New Hybrid Dry Polishing Pads.

Grinding machine: Husqvarna PG820, Blastrac/Diamatic 735PRO, Blastrac Burnisher, ASL T9.
Industrial Vacuum Cleaner: Blastrac BDC-3140DBP / LPP, Husqvarna DC6000

We found some problems through these two testings. Because common concrete floor and self-leveling floor are different with hardness, aggregate, characteristic and so on.
We combined our some concrete tools and get the final perfect solution. From Opening surface, Removing Scratches, Polishing and so on.
We are looking forward to communicate with you and test our full set polished solution.
Such as, how to open surface? How to remove scratches after metal tools? How to remove swirl? How to reach the high gloss? How to maintenance? And so on.

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