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New Products

4 inch /100mm New Design Diamond Polishing Pads for granite and dark color stone. The diamond polishing pads can last considerably longer than traditional wet polishing pads. Grit is #50-3000 .
High Quality and Beautiful   New   White Resin Wet and Dry  Polishing Pads are   last considerably longer than traditional dry polishing pads. Grit is #50-3000
The TECO burnishing polishing pad is an ultra high speed propane burnishing floor pad.
Recommended speed Average: 3800rpm.Max. 45m/s.
Application: For grinding of granite, hard marble, concrete and terrazzo.
Backing: M14,5/8"-11
The New Dry Core Bit with special "T" Segments can increase durability.
EdgeMaxx is a revolutionary design that improves the quality of edgework while reducing the scratches and gouging that metal cup wheels cause.
Save much more of time and eliminate the pain of doing edge work with the EdgeMaxx™ polishing wheel.