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Customer Encouraging Positive Feedback of Ceramica ES™  Wet polishing pads

Customer  Encouraging  Positive Feedback of  Ceramica ES™ Wet polishing pads.
 Feasture: Ceramica ES™  Wet diamond polishing pads
Grit :#200 500 1000 2000 3000 
Appliaction : granite, engineered stone, quartz surfaces, marble (including hard to polish black and green), terrazzo and porcelain tile and slab
Raizi compares with Alpha
#200  Sharper  than Alpha  3 times longer lifetimes 
#2000  Gloss: Raizi :68 degree 
              Alpha:53 degree
#3000  Gloss : Raizi 85 degree 
              Alpha: 68 degree

Positive Feedback of  Ceramica ES™ Wet polishing pads:
Application: grey man made stone  
Grit: 200 500 1000 
Polishing effection : shining  and smooth on the stone surface 
Before , He used the Diaflx pads form korea .He still  hesitate to try the  pads form us.However , He test and give  me a Positive Feedback. As following is the  testing before and after 


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