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Granite silent core Bridge Saw Blades
  • Granite silent core Bridge Saw Blades

Granite silent core Bridge Saw Blades

Item No.: SilentG-SBlade
Made to remove slurry fast, keep tons of water between the segments and stone, and cut fast and clean.
20mm segment heights offer outstanding life.
Made to cut Quartzite, granite, engineered stone.
Product parameters
Outer Diameter: 14"(350mm), 16"(400mm), 18"(450mm), 20"(500mm)
Thread/Bore: 50/60
Number of Segment: D350x24S,D400x28S,D500x36S
Segment Height: 20mm
Usage(Dry/Wet): Wet
Application: Granite, Engineered stone

Granite silent core Bridge Saw Blades

Raizi silent core bridge saw blades incorporate the latest in diamond technology to assure consistent, maximum performance. Our granite saw blades have a premium silent core to withstand the stress of high HP bridge saws and can reduce noise levels by up to 50%.
Segments are manufactured in-house with a soft-bond matrix of high grade diamonds to assure fast and aggressive cutting. 

We advise use
Air wet cutter or Powerful wet cutter .

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